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At South Wind Arabians and Horsemanship we offer you a philosophy in horsemanship, naturally building a bond with your horse. For 30+ years we have been helping people & horses be safe and happy. We hope to show you a different way to look at training horses through knowledge and horse psychology.

Jeannie has been a dedicated student of Natural Horsemanship with certifications and years of experience with many horses of different breeds. She has tamed wild mustangs, helped challenging & difficult horses become brave and dependable and taught people to understand what their horse needs from them.

Leonard is an experienced, certified barefoot trimmer. His certification is with the Oregon School of Natural Hoofcare. He has rehabilitated many horses to sound, healthy barefoot lives. He is also an "Easyboot" dealer. Please go to his page to learn more about barefoot trimming.

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South Wind Arabians & Horsemanship
Owners: Jeannie & Leonard Simpson
9600 S. Black Cat Rd. Kuna, ID 83634
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